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Rules - maremelrose.com
  1. To use the Service, the User should be familiar with the following Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  2. The Administrator of the system authorizes the website User to use the database to a limited extent resulting from the Terms of service.

  3. Submitting an entry to the database is performed by filling out a registration form. By filling the form, the user accepts the Terms of Service and Privacy Politics.

  4. The User has a right to submit any information on the lack of and/or inaccurate company details in the database via a contact form available through an appropriate link in the entry, presentation or menu. Following the submission on incorrect company details all company data will be removed within 1-5 weeks.

  5. The Administrator of the system is not responsible for the content submitted to the Service by the Users. Once registered in the service, the company assumes any liability for the content on the company’s listing and each presentation. Particularly the company assumes liability for the accuracy of the details and content of entries and compliance with applicable law, rules, practices and the Terms of Service. The company also accepts any legal consequences of using names, words and trademarks. All information on the products and services published within the service, and most importantly, data on the origin of a product, brand, manufacturer, should be authentic, complete, clear and not be misleading. Should any of the abovementioned terms be violated, the Administrator of the system is authorized to remove the published information, presentation or the whole listing of a company at any time.

  6. Accepting the following Terms and Services equals the user's consent for storing, processing, renting and passing company details by the system’s Administrator and third parties (bound by the contract with the system’s Administrator). It includes personal information within the country and abroad, especially in the web directories (including paper form) on removable, digital carriers of information and online or news services for distribution within an unlimited range of clients now, in the future until further notice.

  7. The Administrator of the System reserves the right to impose restrictions on access to the Service for any reason, particularly against the Users violating the Terms of Service. The Administrator of the System reserves the right to block the user’s access to the service in case of an indication of a violation by the system’s Administrator.

  8. The system Administrator accepts no responsibility for the User’s losses resulting from irregularities, inaccuracy or quality of the contact details, content of advertisements and announcements published within the service, especially liability for damages.

  9. The Administrator of the system reserves the right to impose individual restrictions on access to the Service by particular Users for any reason.

  10. The system Administrator reserves the right to withdraw from the publication of company’s contact details for any reason and without informing the concerned.

  11. The Administrator of the system has the right to make changes in the Terms of Service at any time.